XISF Format Decoder/Encoder Module for Python

by Sergio, 2021-06-13

PixInsight uses natively its own, but openly documented, file format to store images (and other objects), called XISF, and pronounced more or less like... a sneeze.

When experimenting with astronomical images processed with PixInsight on scikit-learn or Keras python libraries, I found myself converting them to TIFF or the old FITS or format and then using scikit-image or astropy to load them, because there is no native way in python to load XISF files.

So, even it isn't even a fully functional XISF decoder (as defined in XISF specifications), I developed a very crude, at least by now, native XISF library for python, available at github. In the project page I summarized what's (hopefully) working by now and what's not supported (sorry I don't know even if I'll extend it anymore). Of course, you're welcome if you want to test and complete it.

2021/06/17 Update: now a simple XISF encoder is also implemented.

2022/02/10 Update: added compression support.

2022/07/07 Update: now xisf is a baseline XISF decoder.


XISF for Python